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Beauty takes effort: stop the flow of time

It all began with an ambitious goal – to set up Ukraine’s first ever full-range aesthetic medicine center.

 This was no easy task. 

Aesthetic medicine is still often misrepresented, or at least misunderstood in Ukraine. Some believe it to be a fancy word for plastic surgery, and avoid it for fear of going under the knife. 

However, the science of rejuvenation is much more, involving four key areas of operation: prevention of age-related changes in facial skin; elimination of face or body skin defects, preserving skin health, and satisfying aesthetic preferences.


Where you want to prevent wrinkles, deal with acne or to simply revive a fatigued skin, the Center for Healthy Esthetology offers the most recent international methods and know-how. 

Our range of services includes advance skin rejuvenation and body reshaping solutions such as Platelet-rich plasma facelift, laser, light and radiofrequency therapy, facial fillers and injectables, hair loss treatment, and many more.


 And we never rest upon our laurels. The latest innovation in dermatological health is fractional laser skin resurfacing, or Fraxel. This proven facial rejuvenation technique involves the use of lasers and can reverse the visible signs of aging, removing scars, fine lines and pigmentation, making patients look up to 10 years younger with a shorter recovery period to conventional methods.

The Center for Healthy Esthetology is also a pioneer in Ukraine as we offer the iLipoXcell method for non-surgical body reshaping, a revolutionary multi-functional process that involves laser lipolysis (which breakdown bodily fats), a laser vacuum massage, and multi-polar radio wave lifting. 

In our experience this is one of the most effective techniques to reshape body and reduce the signs of cellulite, with no health risks and no downtime.


iLipo patented technology tricks body into thinking that it is exercising and triggers the release of the fat cells content. Results are seen immediately with an average of 3 cm per 30 minute treatment. 

It is very important, the iLipo laser doesn't destroy the cell itself, but focus on its bio-stimulation, hence, it is very natural and brings no harm to body vitals. Thus, the treatment is safe and painless and can target specific stubborn pockets of fat as well as reshaping the whole body.

Keeping up to date is a full time job. Our experts attend international symposia, conferences and seminars. They were the only representatives of Ukraine at the recent World Conference of Aesthetic Medicine in Las Vegas, United States. 

According to our head physician, Anna Chistyuhina, this approach has two advantages: to achieve expertise in every field of aesthetic medicine, and to go into the world and bring back nothing but the best.

At the Center for Healthy Esthetology, we bring the highest level of professionalism, with certified experts and innovative methods to ensure the best results, security and privacy. This is why customer’s trust us – because we are truly the defenders of their appearance and their health.

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